One is to think about with all the technology available, and we all have seen it grow, why do we still use paper and ink? We do rely on technology a lot, and with all the screen resolutions like OLED, RETINA, that make it almost real, well…. there is something that is real, and its paper and ink.

Working on the industry i see people relying more and more on direct mail marketing, on handing out a business card because it makes them feel their business exists, filling out NCR forms after a job and handing out the copy to the customer, printing banners to hang them and promote a certain event or promotion, wrapping their cars to promote their business while making a delivery and the list goes on and on.

Businesses and people still rely on printing for all their basic needs, specially after all of these WANNA CRY RANSOMS that obliterate digital data in exchange of money done by the so called 21st century HACKERS, guess what, unless you put fire on that paper it will stay intact for years to come.

We do live in a world that is changing and the future is now. After reading articles about the future of printing, i could say that i am confident that it will never go away. It is our nature to feel, touch and experience different aromas that printing brings you through different types of paper and inks and specially me, being a touchy feel person, i feel a connection to all printed materials that a high resolution screen cannot give.

Printing is not dead, it is evolving through artists, designers and you that make it the #1 preferred method of communication, and it only has been around for centuries right ?!!!