Everywhere I turn I see a T-shirt with the hashtag #HUSTLE or I see someone preaching it on instagram stories or live feeds, you cant even pickup a coffee mug without being remembered with a custom logo and HUSTLE written all over it. WHY IS IT SO DAMN IMPORTANT? Is it even a thing?

We do live in a society where everything happens now, there is no time to wait or waist, and everyone is just so impatient with their startups, or job growth, or getting to the next level, relationships and everything else that makes failure unacceptable. I get it, we all got jobs to do, and we do need the “GREEN” but where does this HUSTLE STOP?!

From my own experience, I honestly believe it really depends on you… maybe it was the way you were raised, previous life experiences, or maybe its just embedded in your DNA to want something more, and to be excited with LIFE and WORK. I love waking up in the morning at 6am everyday, get my blood pumpin with some coffee, going through that morning bumper to bumper traffic… and one hour later when I get to work, drink another coffee to get me through the first couple of hours of the day, phone calls and meetings with clients, work on some current projects, OH!!! It’s 10am I need another coffee. Do some more design, ask my team about current status of projects, receiving more calls, another staff meeting, and now its lunch time and I still didn’t go to the bathroom… If this is HUSTLE, what do you call it when its 7pm and you think you had enough, guess what?! someone still needs something and the email subject in the end reads ASAP – do I need to get ready for another late night?

I might made it sound a bit crazy but don’t you relate to it somehow, is this the hustle that everyone hashtags so much on social media? The answer my friends is YES. HUSTLE isn’t just a thing, its a way of life! Success isn’t always easy. Everyone wants a big house, a nice car, a successful job, dream vacations, but not everyone want to put the extra JE NE SAIS PA QUOI to make it work. Responsibility for yourself and others might motivate you or brake you if the pressure is too big, or if you are afraid of failure or even your boss. Put that sh*t all behind you and just believe in yourself.

You might say “I work for someone, I’m not the boss. Let them put all that HUSTLE into work, I’m here only from 8 to 5. I just want to go home and get my paycheck at end of the week.” If you relate to this here is a piece of advice; life goes by very fast and if someone comes along with more HUSTLE than you and outperforms you, will you start complaining how life is not fair to you and blah, blah, blah? will you still have time to go back and perform better? Or will you just settle and go on your life repeating the same mistakes?

There is still time for you to change if you believe it will come to you… just hustle baby, because nobody else can do it for you.