CKO STRONG helping our COVID-19 Frontline

During this Covid crisis we need to look out for those in the battlefront. Together we can help them!
Each shirt you buy we will donate $5 to the purchase of PPE like face masks or hand sanitizer. Support your local community, every dollar counts for this initiative. United We Are Stong, CKO STRONG!

Hurry, almost no time left!
Use code CKO19 for FREE SHIPPING!

All shirts will be printed in bulk after deadline is met. Shirts will then be shipped through USPS. Shipping is Free!

Getting Started

Select which style fits you best and your size!


Select which CKO location you belong to.


We will BULK produce all shirts and ship them to you.


We will use the money to help the CKO community you selected.

Have questions about this initiative? Use form below and we will try to help you?