A lot of times people feel bored at work, time just seems to not pass by, and it just looks like another day at work waiting for friday to arrive. So how do you get pass that?

One thing that works for me is music. I’m an Art/Marketing Director at The Print Post, and i start my days playing inspirational music either from Google Play Music or Soundcloud, and depending on the type of project i am working on, I will play the right music style. I can for example play an upbeat music if its a fun project or play something more instrumental if it needs more concentration from my part.

Another thing that helps is GET UP FROM YOUR DESK!!!! Don’t get stuck to it, interact with your team members at work, talking about a video you looked at YouTube or joke you heard the other day, or if you work from home call your friends or facetime them. Simple things like these will change how your day is, and refresh your mind so you can continue your day and be productive.

You have to love what you do, and yes sometimes we can be bored, but if you want to be the best, and i know you do, be proactive and act when you feel the signs of boreness so you can be awesome, and do some awesomeness work….